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  • Hour 1 – Sailortown – Donegall Quay – see public art.
  • Hour 2 – Lunch at Novelli at City Quays
  • Hour 3  & 4- Sundays on the Maritime Mile

Hour One

Our wonderful waterfront is now a famous port of call for public art. An hour of walking will take you from the gleaming, dynamic Flying Angel at the Mission to Seafarers in Sailortown, to Belfast’s oldest Dock, Clarendon Dock where the 8.3m high Dividers sculpture pays homage to skills of the past and frames new views of the city. Finally, onward to Donegall Quay where the shimmering, blue ceramic scales of the Big Fish is an Instagram must-have for anyone who passes by.

Maritime Mile - Neighbourhood - Clarendon Dock

Hour Two

Treat yourself with the stylish AC Hotel at City Quays where the wonderful Novelli restaurant serves Mediterranean and French influenced food, cocktails, tapas and afternoon tea. The signature touches of celebrity chef Jean Christophe Novelli bring a little foodie excellence to the Maritime Mile and give you a chance to enjoy the views of waterfront life in absolute luxury.

Maritime Mile AC Hotel Seating

Hour Three & Four

Now its time to sit back, relax and enjoy some of NI’s finest artists popping up at SoundYard and various locations across the mile. From opera, singer-songwriters, jazz, trad, folk, indie and electronic, there is something for everyone to enjoy!
Don’t miss NI Opera’s ‘Northern Songs’- a film series showcasing Northern Ireland’s best loved landscapes and landmarks that will be featured at RiverBox each Sunday.

For weekly performances times and locations, click here.



4hr Itinerary – The Main Event

4hr Itinerary – The Main Event

24hr Itinerary – Heritage

24hr Itinerary – Heritage

36 Hour Itinerary

36 Hour Itinerary

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