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The production of Game of Thrones called Northern Ireland its home for over 10 years. In 2019 as the show was finally drawing to a close the tourism organisations and HBO set about ensuring its legacy would be felt long after the final series aired, forever connected with Northern Ireland’s own history and heritage.

Six beautifully crafted, giant stained-glass windows were created. Each one depicting the world’s most searched, shared and talked about moments from across the entire Game of Thrones series. Follow the Maritime Mile to discover the Glass of Thrones stained-glass windows. You will not miss them – they’re over 2m tall! Hand stained by local artists, each window depicts iconic scenes from the world of Westeros from White Walkers to bloodied daggers, rivalling Queens to fearsome battles.

AC Hotel Belfast – Stark Window

The first stained-glass window is located on the waterfront outside the AC Hotel. Look across the lough and you will see the Titanic Studios where most of the epic show was filmed and produced. Jon Snow is prominently featured along with the other formidable heroes and heroines of House Stark. Spot the shocking events of the Red Wedding, as well as the drama and triumph in the Battle of the Bastards.

Explore More: You are now in Clarendon Dock. Take time to explore the historic docks by foot or take a boat trip with the Lagan Boat Company and learn more about Belfast’s Titanic story.

Maritime Mile Glass of Thrones AC Hotel Belfast Stark Window

Lagan Weir Bridge – Baratheon Window

Walk across the Lagan Weir footbridge and you’ll soon spot the blood red Baratheon window. Dominated by the mystical Red Woman and Renly’s shocking assassination, this is a stained-glass window filled with brutal deaths. It represents the trials and tribulations of House Baratheon from murderous scenes to burning effigies.

Explore More: As you make your way to the footbridge take time to admire Belfast’s Big Fish – it’s made of hundreds of tiny pieces of ceramic – worth a quick selfie! Stop along the footbridge to enjoy sweeping river views of the city and harbour quays.

Maritime Mile Glass of Thrones Lagan Weir

Odyssey – Targaryen Window

Silver-haired Daenerys reigns supreme on the Targaryen window as Drogon breathes deadly fire onto the Lannister gold convoy. From the earliest scenes we see Daenerys emerge from the funeral pyre with her baby dragons. Look closely and you’ll see her ill-fated brother and his ‘crown’ of molten gold. You’ll find the Targaryen window outside the Odyssey, Northern Ireland’s biggest indoor arena, which plays host to sports events, concerts and world-class entertainment throughout the year.

Explore more: Looking for a coffee – continue along the Maritime Mile where you can check out the various cafes. The DOCK cafe is an honesty café, run by volunteers and full of eclectic furniture and artwork.

Maritime Mile Glass of Thrones Odyssey

SS Nomadic – White Walkers

You are now in the heart of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter right outside SS Nomadic, tender ship to Titanic, and close to the historic Drawing Offices. You’ll easily spot the White Walkers window – especially at night when it glows in the dark. Its central feature is the much loved Hodor and his final act of self-sacrifice. The fearsome Night King flies high while his terrifying army of the dead dominates much of the glass in their hordes.

Explore More: Be sure to visit Titanic Belfast, Belfast’s must-see visitor attraction, where interactive exhibitions allow you to uncover the true legend of Titanic, in the city where it all began.

Maritime Mile Glass Of Thrones SS Nomadic

Titanic Slipway - Iron Throne

This magnificent stained-glass window represents the iconic Iron Throne in all its glory. Take a seat on this resplendent throne and become (for a moment) the new reigning sovereign – the triumphant leader of the Seven Kingdoms. This window is located on the slipway where Titanic was constructed over 100 years ago and overlooks the very studios that brought Game of Thrones to life.

Explore More: Walk the slipways and explore the life-size blueprint of the ship’s promenade deck, etched in white stone or join a guided Titanic Discovery Tour to learn more about Belfast’s Titanic history.of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, the legendary Harland & Wolff Headquarters and awing.

Maritime Mile Glass of Thrones Titanic Slipways

HMS Caroline - Lannister Window

Continue along the final stretch of the Maritime Mile past the Great Light one of the world’s largest lighthouse optics. The Lannister window takes pride of place beside the historic war ship HMS Caroline. The window glows in striking shades of yellow and red, with a splash of green depicting the wildfire explosion at the Sept of Baelor. Cersei is featured at its core carried by Ser Gregor, her fearsome bodyguard, after her shameful walk of atonement.

Explore More: Take the interactive, self-guided tour of HMS Caroline, the last surviving ship from the Battle of Jutland in WW I. Or continue to Titanic’s Dock & Pump-House where you can walk along the vast dock where Titanic was fitted out – her last footprint on land.

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